Is your church prepared to reach your post-Christian neighbors?

The challenges facing churches in 2019

are unlike any in history.

Knowing how to reach post-Christian communities feels like an uphill battle.

A "post-Christian" society is rooted in the history, culture and practices of Christianity in which the religious beliefs of Christianity have been either rejected or, worse, forgotten.

John O'Sullivan

National Review

Today's churches are examining themselves in light of current realities and trends.

They realize that careful and discerning shifts are necessary, but the path forward is often unclear.

We help churches

connect with

post-Christian neighbors. 

Our unique mix of expertise & approach provides a fresh look at how a church can reposition and strategize without losing their core identity & mission. 

How we help.


Critical analysis and future-planning to ensure a Mission / Message Match. 

Inviting perspective from outside is wise counsel.

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Pro-tip: It's more than a cool logo. In fact, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Clarifying your brand is a powerful signal and important step.

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Messaging, materials production and business-level digital marketing.

Speak how and where your audience is listening.

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