You feel it.

The pressure of keeping up. The tension of what you've always known, and the dramatic shift toward something completely different. 

The desire to make an impact, and the frustration of not knowing how to do it. 

You've read the articles, scanned the books and maybe even listened to some podcasts. You're probably tired of the buzzwords. "Relevance." "Generational trends." "Gen Z" "Millennials." "Engagement." "The Nones." "Disinterested."

Frankly, it's intimidating, and leaves you spinning. 


We're a lot like you. 

With deep roots in the Christian faith and an equally deep desire to both understand and reach the culture around us. 

Transparently, we're not theologians or trained pastors.

You could likely talk circles around us in if we were debating the deep aspects of faith.

But that's not the voice you need right now.


Our background and expertise in marketing combined with our passion for advancing the church's mission both today and in the future put us in a key strategic position to help.


The way "church" has been done over centuries has evolved. 

The seismic cultural shift happening in our lifetime will mean that the idea of "church" will continue to evolve. 

In 5-10 years, church for millennials and post-Christian communities will likely look very different.

We believe that that is OK. But we also know that it is exceedingly difficult for today’s churches to adapt.


We don’t take a "Get-on-board-or-get-lost" approach.  Our aim is to gently  coach churches through the changes and understand the fundamental differences in the thinking around them to continue to be effective in ministry.


The marketing world is complex.

It can come with a lot of hype, lingo and big open-ended promises. 

Merging marketing and mission heightens the complexity. When you "don't know what you don't know," knowing who to trust is a tall order. 

This isn't hype. 

We're not here to sell you anything. 

We're simply here to listen, explore together, provide fresh perspectives and disruptive thinking whenever necessary and provide a gust of wind in a new direction.

If our work can help restart your church, we would be delighted to parter with you.

Mission/Message Match

Too often, churches are energized by considering a fresh brand or updated marketing message to invite new visitors. 

But, will those new visitors feel comfortable with they come in the door?

Will your message match their expectations of their experience with you?

Unless leadership and the core church community has invested time to understand and adapt to post-Christian visitors, a mismatch will likely occur and lessen effectiveness for future outreach. 

This is why we strategically spend time on INTERNAL assessment, training and strengthening before embarking on active marketing. 


RESTART CHURCH is run by a boutique family-owned consulting, marketing & creative group.

Matt Steinruck has 20+ years of experience in marketing, branding & creative services. During his seven years at American Bible Society, he spearheaded dozens of innovative initiatives to present the gospel to a disinterested culture. 

Megan Steinruck is a social media strategy specialist, leveraging modern data-driven marketing techniques to drive qualified traffic to local business owners & organizations.

Our unique bolt-on model enables us to build your unique team with strategic partnerships that fit your needs and goals. This allows us to stay nimble and lean, keeping your overall costs comparatively low and accelerating our effectiveness for you.

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