(If you can come up with a better acronym, we’ll give you a cookie.)

Forces attempting to influence your worldview comes at you constantly.

How do you process it?

Here are four practical filters that help to provide some guidelines to knowing north from south.


Are you viewing the information from the same foundations as the other person? Determining your starting places, even if they are different, can yield a much more effective communication.


How are terms defined within your discussion? Vague or mismatched definitions make it nearly impossible to have an effective discussion.


Everyone around you is telling a story. Movies, commercials, websites, music, sermons, and chats on the phone. And stories have a point. Which storylines are influencing how you view your world?


Asking good, insightful questions is a learned skill, and essential to steering and guiding the information around you. Equally essential, the art of listening to questions asked of you and discerning “the question behind the question.”

The next time you’re faced with a difficult question, try running it through one or more of these filters to cultivate a constructive conversation.

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