A Post-Christian Blend

Culture rejects being able to know anything, and believes that everything is relative.

Can we reshape the discussion of a generation?

Developing a post-Christian blend.

Post-modern thinking is held as a more enlightened way of thinking. But, what if all this “relative” messaging isn’t helpful or productive?

What if all traditionalists aren't bad?

What if it's really ok to have a North Star, a foundation, a baseline?

Challenging and confronting “truth” is good and healthy.

But what if it’s also OK to challenge the sea of uncertainty that our young generation lives in?

And it goes the other way, too.

How can a modern generation learn from the post-moderns?

What if questioning things really is ok? What if it’s ok to re-examine things I “know?”

What things might not be quite as cut-and-dry as our traditional Christian worldview might make it appear?

What if both generations have some relevance, truth and wisdom,

and neither are “all right” or “all wrong?”

What can we learn from each other?

“It's ok to have questions. But it’s also OK to find answers.”

“Don’t let "no answers" be your answer.”

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