Escaping Gravity

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

We're not talking "boosted posts" or managing a Facebook news feed. (But those are hard enough, with their own strategy and purpose.)

We're talking about business-level Facebook advertising used to drive new acquisition and raise interest in companies, organizations and products. Doing them well is a big challenge. Getting them to deliver is even harder.

Here's why.

To get a rocket to leave earth, it takes a tremendous amount of thrust and fuel. The rocket is heavy, and gravity is strong. The strong gravity comes from the enormous planet spinning at a thousand miles an hour. It takes a lot of force to escape and rise above into the space where it can be effective.

Facebook (and Google, for that matter) are the same. They are enormous platforms commanding billions of views per day. The are tremendously valuable from an advertising perspective. That's their gravity. They are planets, big and dense and constantly spinning.

Rising above the noise within them takes an immense amount of - everything. Not rocket fuel or speed, but creativity, skill, ingenuity and yes, budget.

Simply knowing the Facebook Business platform is essential, but also learning the strategy of how, when and what to post, turning all the knobs and dials to create the exact trajectory to optimize your ads, and filling them with the right amount of "rocket fuel" funding to make them rise above and be effective. All are critical for success.

It sounds scary and hard. And it is. So is flying a rocket.

But ask any astronaut who's gained a view of earth from space if the results are worth it.

The cost of Facebook marketing is high because - when done right - the results are VERY worth it. When your acquisition ads are dialed in and working well, it's one of the most effective forms of advertising you can do.

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