Missing the Point

We must realize that the guidelines of Scripture for life are for us. For the church. To guide the body of believers.

They are foolishness and make no sense to those who aren't guided by the Spirit. We are speaking from a different frame of reference.

The mainstream culture isn’t looking to us for rules and guidelines to govern them. They ARE looking to us to find a genuine outpouring of love and unity and charity.  And to their credit, they do no see it.

Our charge as a church is not to impose on the world the guidelines meant for us. Our charge is to love.  And our communities will know that we are different by that love.  

Especially in our shifting culture where actions speak far louder than words, and social justice is an increasingly valuable commodity, it's of paramount importance that the church gets this right.  When groups who do not claim the name of Christ seemingly do better at love and unity and charity than the church does, and when all the world sees from us is our need for them to adopt our culture without first knowing the love of our savior, we're missing the point.  

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