Discovery & Evaluation.

Strategy, Planning & Course correction. 

We'll set up regular times to meet for whatever timespan is needed in easy 3-month increments. 

We'll work with you in person, virtually, or a combination of both.

Our goal is to know your church personally and uniquely.

Because, while you're likely experiencing some very common struggles, 

every body has nuances that make it special.

Through conversations and structured exercises with senior staff, parishioners as well as interactions with your primary outreach community, we'll help you identify and uncover a unique path to gain solid footing in a modern outreach environment. 

With flexible plans and pricing,

our consulting partnership is an essential first step.


Does your church have a hip modern name

and a sleek logo that appeals to youth?

Trick question.

It doesn't matter. 

Well, maybe it matters a little, but not as much as you think. 

The concept of "brand" goes much deeper than what most people imagine.

We help explore your church's brand, and help you understand why it's important.

If re-branding or brand strengthening will help achieve your goals,

we'll assist with that as well. 



Boy howdy, is that ever one big word.

It could mean something different to every person you ask. 

Our version:

Whatever it takes to clarify your message

and communicate it effectively to your audience.

Copywriting, graphic design, 

print, digital and web production

and business-level Facebook advertising

specifically positioned to reach your post-Christian community.

We offer turn-key done-for-you services,

or we'll facilitate training to equip your staff to strengthen your marketing efforts. 

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